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melbourne music week

Event Space
About This Project

Melbourne Music Week (MMW) is a program of events, produced by the City of Melbourne, to celebrate Melbourne and its thriving arts and music scene. The festival is held annually at changing locations within the city, pulling audiences to new and uniquely Melbourne experiences.


For MMW 2014 Boarch was commissioned to design the key space within the program, the festival Hub.

As the home base of the festival, the Hub acts as the gateway into MMW. It hosts a variety of events and live music performances for large audiences, incorporates food and beverage offerings, hang out spaces, party spaces, integrates art installations and includes all the back of house facilities to enable smooth running of the events (back stage facilities, event information and promotion, crowd safety, security and toileting).


The 2014 MMW festival Hub was located in the iconic Victoria Market. It was designed to be a unique experience that enhanced the qualities of the Victoria Market canopy of iron and steel trusses. The Melbourne City Council branding was used as a formal expression within the Hub, to point audiences to key spaces within the hub and provide, when in performance mode, additional surfaces to bounce and reflect the performance lighting.


Photographer: Juan Jose Cruz