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New Home
About This Project

Located half an hour outside of Hobart, situated within a natural clearing amongst dense bush is this 8,000m2 parcel of land.
The owners, both scientists, sought to build a home which would meet their sustainability aspirations, a dream that they had been working towards for over a decade. This aspiration was also an objective in line with our own working values and practices. For us a part of business as usual but that further developed, refined and extended our knowledge through a great collaboration with the owners.


The key building blocks of sustainable design are to correctly orientate the house, all other environmental initiatives build off this relationship. The property provided ideal opportunities in terms of siting. The dwelling was orientated to maximise northerly sun and provide a buffer from prevailing winds. The architecture responded to enhance these conditions by physically opening up to the sun and shutting down to the wind. The site ecology was also considered (and for also good practical reasons) the house was located about from the natural water courses observed across the clearing.


Reducing energy needs and in particular heating demands was another key design initiative for the project. Extensive consideration was given to the amount of openings, capturing sunlight, limiting heat loss and how best to frame the breathtaking views to the surrounding mountains. The selection of building materials and insulation were equally important towards the overall energy performance of the house.


In parallel with the surrounding environment, the personal preferences of the owners, their routines and how the wanted to enjoy the house were integrated into the design. These aspects were not designed as one at the expense of the other but through a designed negotiation to get the best human and environment outcome.